Mobile phone rental

Free Phone Rental

Special Promotion for Stay in Buenos Aires Clients
Free Rental
Airtime minute AR$ 1 (plus national and international communication)
Insurance (optional) AR$ 15,00
We don´t have extra costs nor require minimum number of calls.

Requirements and guarantee

Voucher of credit card to guarantee the phones and possible calls.

Delivery and Pick up

Free delivery and Pick up in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Cordoba Capital 24 hours a day.

Payment Process

We can debit the payment on your credit card, or you can pay cash . When you finish the contract we provide the bill with the details of the calls.

Mobile phone models
National and international

Local AR$ 0.25
National AR$ 0,65
Argentina - Mercosur AR$ 1,75
Argentina - U.S. AR$ 1,95
Argentina - Europa AR$ 2,99
Argentina - México AR$ 2,20
Incoming calls AR$ 1,00
*Prices don't include taxes

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