Satellite phone rental

Satellite phone rental plan

This small and light hand-held satellite phone allows you to enjoy mobile communications across seas and time zones, around the world and in remote regions where no other form of communication is available. The Motorola 9505 phone is water, dust and shock resistant for rugged environments. This Satellite phone is packed with features and yet simple to use.

Requirements and guarantee

Voucher of credit card to guarantee the phones and possible calls.

Delivery and Pick up

Free delivery and Pick up in Buenos Aires and Cordoba Capital 24 hours.

Payment Process

We can debit the payment in your credit card, or you can pay cash . When you finish the contract we delivery the bill with the details of the calls.

Satellite phone models

Quick access interface
Vibracall alert
Voice, fax, data and SMS capability
Call forwarding
21 language choices for prompts
Unanswered call indicator
Illuminated holographic display
International access key sequence (+ key)

Technical specification

Size (mm) 158 x 62 x 59
Weight (approx) 13.2 ounces
Talk time 2.4 hours
Standby time 24 hours

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