Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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The city of Buenos Aires holds more than 3,500 restaurants, ranging from the most sophisticated traditional and ethnic restaurants to bars, pubs and international chains of fast food restaurants. The classical parrillas offering Argentine roasted meat abound, even in the sidewalks.

Buenos Aires is just the place to taste all kinds of meals. Some neighborhoods are a typical choice when you decide to have a good meal. Puerto Madero, in the remodeled port docks, has the most exclusive restaurants. Palermo, in the surroundings of Serrano square, and Palermo Hollywood and Las Cañitas, are the fashionable gastronomic places. They offer meals from different countries of the world together with the latest trend in ambiance – a combination that mixes the minimalist style with extravagant and traditional dishes, jazz and electronic music. Corrientes avenue is the ideal place to taste an excellent pizza.

Hours: In Buenos Aires, people usually have dinner after 10 pm, and some restaurants are open until dawn. While in Paris, New York or London restaurants are crowded at about 8:30 pm, this generally happens in Buenos Aires after 11 pm. Most of them, are open every day, for lunch and dinner, although on Mondays, they may be closed. It´s a good idea to call in advance.

Gurruchaga 1650
From Monday to Saturday, from 8PM to 12AM.-
Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos-
Cuisine type: Japanese-

Prepare to be welcomed by waitresses with typical Asian dress and white-painted faces, which provide an exciting opportunity to observe traditional Japanese theatrical costumes. The second welcoming gesture will be on the part of the Japanese owner Misao Sekiguchi, who is trained in gastronomy. Sekiguchi arrived to Buenos Aires from Tokyo with an intermediate stage in San Francisco. Here you can try delicious sushi, tempura, and sopa de miso prepared authentically.

Agustín R. Caffarena 64
From Monday to Saturday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM-
Rates: From 20 to 30 pesos-
Cuisine type: Traditional-

For some, this restaurant is a place to worship the Boca soccer team and for others to see tango musicians as they bring their entertainment from table to table on the weekends. What is definite about El Obrero is that it is one of the stars of La Boca, a neighborhood looking to reposition itself among the many extraordinary and privileged destinations of the city. Here during the day one can eat "carne al horno con papas" (oven-roasted Argentine beef with potatoes), "asado con un tomate cortado al medio con fritas" (barbecued meat with sliced tomato and french fries), "tallarines con tuco y estofado" (noodles with tomato sauce and meat) and other big, traditional porteño meals. Don´t look towards the kitchen because the initial impression might make you loose your appetite, which would be a shame because the food is well worth it.

Paraguay 4062
From Wenesday to Saturday from PM to 12AM-
Rates: From 20 to 30 pesos-
Cuisine type: Aphrodisiac-

It´s just a game. A beautiful and ardent game that will break loose your imagination to fly and fly. A place to let yourself go, because there are no limits in the empire of desires. There´s no fear, everything turns into pleasure and laughter as the key of an unpunished time, where lovers will be surprised clamouring obscenities. Nothing will restrain or inhibit us in the land of the pure instinct and the imagination which serves it. It´s the time of supreme egoism, which is the time of love. A place where the facts defy and transgred the principles in pursuit of that risky exaltation, which for us is happines. In Te Mataré Ramirez… desire always comes back.

Estados Unidos 465
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM-
Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos-
Cuisine type: Parrilla-

Hugo Chavarrieta is the sergeant. What does this mean? It means that every morning this boss gets busy in his search for the best meats and the best cuts available. It means that the fires are lit at 9:00 in the morning so that by noon the coals will be at the perfectly ready. It means that he personally takes care of the steps of cooking the meat, blood sausage, sweetbreads, etc. It means that La Brigada (The Sergeant) is one of the best parillas (barbecues) in the entire city.

Brasil 656
From Monday to Sunday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM-
Rates: Less than 20 pesos-
Cuisine type: Regional Cuisine-

A small and informal gem. Don´t get too excited, but those who love the flavors from northern Argentina will love this place. The tables are scarce and the white walls are decorated with paintings of the northern scenery. There is typical northern music to accompany your meal of juicy, golden empanadas of beef and tamales. During the winter, don´t miss out on the mondongo, lentil and locro stews served in ceramic casserole bowls. Eat slowly if you want to avoid breaking into a sweat.

Virrey Cevallos 178
4382-4831 From Sunday to Sunday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM-
Rates: Less than 20 pesos-
Cuisine type: Peruvian Cuisine

Alicia M de Justo 1798
4315-2151 / 48932818
Cuisine type: Patagonian

Lerma 525 esq. Malabia
From Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30PM to 12:30AM-
Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos-
Cuisine type: original creations - fusion

Located in the old house and studio of the sculptor, Martín Vergara. The building was recycled by his daughter and has become a space that combines the art of sculpture and the pleasure of a fine meal. The kitchen is creative and innovates with fusions of different tastes. The menu is filled with delightful dishes and the experience will be, without a doubt, enjoyable. There are always new plates with magret and bobwhite, which are impecable, as well as an excellent use of herbs and spices. For dessert, don´t forget to try the chocolate muffin. This place is for those looking to treat their palate on authentic gourmet food.

Montevideo 938
- From Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5PM. Thursday & Friday from 8PM to 12AM
- Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos
- Cuisine type: French

A few years ago, María Barrutia made her dreams come true when she opened a small French bistro within the Central Society of architects. There is little space and a menu that changes frequently based on the seasonal produce based on what she learned while studying in europe. María´s kitchen offers modern and traditional flavors that present themselves clearly, but also delicately. It´s difficult to comment on specific dishes as they are frequently rotating and changing, although one can assure you of the exceptional flavors highlighted in dishes made with everyday ingredients. This is a dining experience worth repeating.

O. Cossenttini 751
- From Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5PM. Thursday & Friday from 8PM to 12AM
- Rates: De 40 a 50 pesos argentinos
- Cuisine type: Exotic

The ambiance of this restaurant consists of Oriental furniture and decor, dark wooden fixtures, the use of orange and white and modern table settings. The space itself is quite large and allows the restaurant to be divided into various rooms. There is a large sushi bar in the entrance, halfway through the lounge there are small rooms decorated in an Arabic style, and towards the back there´s also a large, modern bar. The combination of soothing Arabic music and dim lighting make this place ideal for a date. The kitchen has mainly exotic dishes presenting a mix of pleasing flavors and colors. The dinners are quite large so sharing is always a great option. To start out, "Devóralos juntos" is a Thai salad with salted pork tenderloin, Asian greens, sprouts, Asian garlic, and peanuts. "Del mar a la pasión" is lobster with sesame, fried noodles, and sweet soy sauce. As a main dish there is "Brazos sobre mí," which is Spanish octopus grilled with olive oil and includes coleslaw, soy sprouts and Asian garlic vinaigrette. "La fruta prohibida" is an excellent final dish made with pastry dough, apples, and caramel sauce. Also there is an extensive list of "cool drinks," which cover a wide range of tastes. There is also an extensive wine menu highlighting some of the best Argentine wineries.

Ayacucho 1496
- From Monday to Sunday from 8 PM
- Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos
- Cuisine type: Syrian

This is one of the most elegant Oriental themed restaurants in the entire city. On the first floor you will find a substantial buffet with a wide array of gastronomic delights such as persian rice, eggplant and garbanzo puree, warm pita bread and desserts with pastry dough, nuts, and honey. This is definitely a very tranquil place to enjoy a delicious buffet.

Armenia 1880
- From Tuesdat to Friday from 8:30PM to 12AM. Saturday & Sunday from 12PM to 3 PM and from 8:30 to 12AM.
- Rates: From 30 to 40 pesos
- Cuisine type: Moroccan
- Único exponente de la gastronomía Marroquí en Buenos Aires, ubicado frente a la Plaza Armenia en una típica casa del barrio ambientada muy `70. Para recibir a sus clientes, un pequeño living muy al estilo de su cocina, un pequeño espacio para esperar, comer o disfrutar del café. La carta es breve y dispar, en cuanto a sus platos y días. De esos lugares en donde algunas veces se como muy bien y otras no tanto.

Uriarte 1658
- From Monday to Saturday from 8 PM to 2AM.a
- Rates: More than 50 pesos
- Cuisine type: Cocina de Autor
- Glamour, lujo y sofisticación en este impactante espacio del chileno Santa Cruz. Aquí todo es lujo, no valen descripciones, da lo mismo el material o la iluminación, todo impacta en si mismo, la recepción, la barra, el salón absolutamente en madera, la cave vidriada y de doble altura que deja traslucir a los cocineros en su tarea, los baños, todo esta diseñado para impactar. La carta creada por Germán Martitegui no desentona con el espacio, es atractiva, lujosa y bien resuelta, la presentación de los platos y la vajilla es simplemente impecable. Eso si, las porciones son ínfimas, el precio alto, el nivel de ruido impide la comunicación, y en general resulta un lugar con poca ventilación.

Av. Independencia 732
- From Monday to Saturday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM
- Rates: Less than 20 pesos
- Cuisine type: Japanese
- Nikkai es un salón comedor que se encuentra en la Asociación Japonesa en la Argentina. El mayor beneficio con el que se encontrará es que podrá disfrutar de lo mejor de la comida típica japonesa a precios realmente accesibles. Se recomienda comenzar con un Maki Nigiri combinado de sushi, siguiendo con Yakimeshi arroz saltado con verduras y huevo, Yaki Sake salmón a la plancha, o los clásicos, Tempura, Domburi y Teppan Yaki. Cualquiera sea su elección saldrá satisfecho no solo por la calidad de la cocina sino también por la delicada y cuidada forma en que Ud. será atendido.

Defensa 1665/7
- From Monday to Sunday from 12PM to 3PM & from 8PM to 12AM
- Rates: From 20 to 30 pesos
- Cuisine type: Parrilla
- Pequeño restaurante de San Telmo, recomendable para ir al mediodía y disfrutar de la tranquilidad de la zona y de la vista del Parque Lezama que se encuentra justo enfrente. La especialidad de la casa es la parrilla, pero también hay, aunque en poca cantidad, minutas y especialidades de la casa, donde no faltan platos tradicionales y que a todos nos gustan como las milanesitas con papas o el filet de merluza a la romana. La atención es muy amable y las porciones se pueden compartir.

Bolívar 624 [SAN TELMO]
Cuisine: Jamaican
Payment: Cash only
Opens: Mon to Fri from 9AM to 2PM and Wed to Sat from 8PM to 12AM