Cool Bars in Buenos Aires

The Latino Big Apple, the Europe of the Americas, hometown to Eva Peron and the magical Maradona, BA is one of the world's great 24-hour capitals. First glance might remind you of Paris or Madrid but BA is more varied.

788 Food Bar
Where: Arenales 1877 - Recoleta
Phone: 4814-4788
When: Monday to Thursday from 9PM to 12PM
Type of food: French, Italian, International, Mediterranean
Type of Music: Ambient

36 Billares
Where: Av. de Mayo 1265 - Congreso
Phone: 4382-7484
When: Monday to Sunday at 7PM
Type of food: International
Type of Music: Tango

Mundo Bizarro
Hey babe, take a walk on the weird side in this oh-so-trendy bar/restaurant which is considered by many the best joint for cocktails in town. Dim reddish lighting and candles make for a flirtatious night's fun as you coyly glance over the top of yet another daiquiri to-die-for. Or watch a saucy 'b' movie over someone's shoulder in this eclectic American diner meets classic cocktail bar. A must.
Where: Serrano 1222 - Palermo

Gran Bar Danzon
Contemporary New York meets South America in this welcoming bar/restaurant with a long bar, plush sofas and intimate lighting. Cocktail aficionados will not be disappointed here, nor will anyone else with the truly impressive choice of spirits on offer or the delectable sushi. This is where the city's sophisticates and movers n' shakers go to play.
Where: Libertad & Santa Fe Ave - Recoleta
Phone: 4811 1108

Soul Cafe
As the name suggests, this hip bar/restaurant is the home to all that is soulful and funky, especially music and décor. Pulling a slightly older and discerning crowd, this is as 70's as it gets as you rub shoulders with the main man. Get into the groove with the assistance of some of the best drinks in town and you'll soon be hankering after flared trousers again. Or their occupant.
Where: Baez 246 - Las Cañitas
Phone: 4778 3115
When: Mon-Sun 8pm-2am

Where: Av. Libertador 6631 - Belgrano
Phone: 4781-0191
When: Monday to Friday from 8PM to 4AM. Saturday from 8PM to 6AM
Type of food: Sushi, International
Type of Music: Disco, Techno, Lounge, Soft

Down Town Matías
Where: Reconquista 701 - Downtown
Phone: 4311-0327
When: Monday to Sunday at 8PM
Type of food: Irish
Type of Music: Country

Where: Honduras 5733 - Barrio Norte
Phone: 4772-0845
When: Monday to Friday from 12AM to 4PM and Sunday to Monday at 8PM
Type of food: International
Type of Music: Variety

Where: Boulevard Charcas 3386 - Palermo
Phone: 4825-1111
When: Sunday to Monday from 8:30Am to 12PM
Type of food: International

Where: Costa Rica 4968 - Palermo
Phone: 4833-4200
When: Sunday to Monday from 10AM to 12PM
Type of food: Author
Type of music: Jazz, Rock