Night Clubs in Buenos Aires

Discos, discotheques or dancing clubs open at midnight and close between 6 and 7 am (some of these places extend the party until midday). It is quite common for young people to go to more than one place in the same night and have breakfast before going to bed.

For those unfamiliar with the "movida" porteña, an important tip is that everything starts very late. People usually go to dance at 2:30 am. The city has discos offering music to meet the tastes of all youngsters: dance and techno music, music from the 1980's, 1960's, salsa, Brazilian. There are also bailantas, playing a music style originated in the interior of the country (more precisely in the province of Córdoba), where live shows with popular bands are offered until the first rays of the sun bathe the city.


Av. Casares y Av. Sarmiento s/n - Arcos de Palermo Cap. Fed.
4804-2512 / 7933 ó 4807-3351

Araoz 2424 - Palermo
H. Yrigoyen 450 - Olivos

La Diosa
Buenos Aires Restaurant Show Disco
Av. Rafael Obligado s/n Costa Salguero - Costanera Norte Buenos Aires

Baez 243 - Cap. Fed.
Bs. As. - Argentina
Tel: 4778-0115
o 4778-0955

The End
Av. Rivadavia 7428
Flores - Capital Federal

Bella Roma
Rogelio Yrurtia 6020, B. Saavedra

The Roxi
Arcos del sol S/N, entre Casares y Sarmiento

Av. Costanera y Pampa
4788 4280

Sunset Disco
Roque Sans Peña 440 (Al 2800 de Libertador)
Olivos - Bs. As.