Music in Buenos Aires

The music scene in Buenos Aires is very much alive and there are many pubs and clubs, called "boliches", where local and international rock, jazz, reggae, punk, techno, dance, hip-hop, electronica or Caribbean bands perform. Shows usually start at midnight and the clubs remain open until early in the morning. There are two newspaper sections that specifically list the week events and they are: In Página 12 newspaper, the section is called "No" and it comes out on Thursdays while Clarín newspaper has its own section called "Si" and it comes out on Fridays.

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There is a circuit for each musical style to enjoy the best performers.

Hay un circuito para todos los estilos de música


Se puede encontrar tango en todos los barrios. Pero los lugares más tradicionales están en San Telmo y Abasto.



The Argentine folklore is an important part of the cultural activity and may be enjoyed in peñas where you will find musical shows, classes and dancing, typical food and drinks. Some peñas, in addition to offering a show, provide guests with a guitar to play and sing.



The classical music has its preferred site in the Colón theater. Its program is regularly updated in the theater's web site. There are also cultural centers, churches and theaters that offer concerts by renowned orchestras.



In soccer stadiums, megashows of rock are usually staged. The city also has small places preferred by innovating music groups.



Many bars and cafés present jazz shows. Those who love this music may make their circuit visiting the city's bars and jazz festival.



Buenos Aires also has raves of electronic music.