Terms and conditions


Looking for an apartment
To look for an apartment for the dates you wish to stay, you can search availability through our search form on the Home page or on the "advanced search" page. Then the site will show you the available apartments for the selected dates. You can also search through the neighbouhoods or categories.

Booking Form
You may start your reservation request through the reservation application form or by phone or by e-mail. To process your request, we need you to contact us no later than 2 working days prior to your check-in date. We will contact you within the next 2/3 business days to supply relevant information and to confirm availability as well as prices.

Payment of booking
To book an apartment you need to make a prepayment of 20% of the rent plus administration fee. The remaining balance, along with the damage deposit, needs to be paid in cash upon arrival, unless otherwise stated.

Payment of booking and Admin Fee can be done with credit card through PayPal, bank transfer to our Dutch account (only in Euros), Western Union (all currencies) or cash at out office.

Please note that the booking is not confirmed until the prepayment is received; you will then receive the booking confirmation by email.

Booking comfirmation
Ones the prepayment is completed, the apartment is booked and you'll get the booking confirmation via e-mail.

On the confirmation e-mail you will get all the information regarding the apartment and what to do when arriving. The property owner will get automaticlly your booking.

The remaining balance, along with the damage deposit, needs to be paid in cash upon arrival, unless otherwise stated.


Cancellation fees depend on notice given and are as follows:

- Notice given less than 14 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total balance;
- Notice given less than 24 hours or no prior notice: 100% of the total balance.

Please note that the prepayment is non-refundable, not even in the case of force majeure.

If you want to stay in another apartment than the one you booked, it's considered a cancellation. To change an apartment; you must make a new booking. This is regarded as a new booking and is subject to the Stay in Buenos Aires Terms and conditions.

All cancellations or changes must be made via email. Cancellations or changes by phone are not accepted.

Rental charges already paid are non refundable. If the client wants to shorten his/her stay, the already paid amount cannot be refunded, for it is taken as compensation for the owner for breach of contract.

In the event that the owner cannot provide you, the client, with the apartment that was booked, Stay in Buenos Aires will endeavour to find you a similar accommodation, subject to availability. If no agreement can be made regarding alternative accommodation, Stay in Buenos Aires will refund the full prepayment for the booking. Stay in Buenos Aires is not made liable for further claims by the client.


Clients will pay a deposit as a guarantee, the amount of which will differ according to length of stay and overall quality rating of the booked property.

Unless otherwise stipulated (long stays), the amount of the deposit is to be calculated according to the following description:

Stays less than 1 month: the price of 1 week’s rent.
Stays from 1 to 2 months: the price of 2 week’s rent.
Stays more than 2 months (up to 6 months): the price of 1 month’s rent.

The damage deposit is refundable on the check out date, after the owner has checked the inventory and the general condition of the property.

In the even of damages or losses during the client’s stay, the amount necessary to return the property to its original condition will be debited from the deposit made as a guarantee.

Should the deposit made as a guarantee not be enough to cover the damages, the client will have to pay the balance to cover said expenses.

The client is responsible for returning the property in the original condition of orderliness and cleanliness. Cleaning charges included in the rental price do not exempt the client from his/her obligation to return the property in its original cleanliness condition and the furniture in its original position.

In the event of a property being returned in a dissatisfactory condition of cleanliness and orderliness, the owner is entitled to debit from the deposit made as a guarantee the cleaning charges to be incurred in order to return it to its original condition.


Stay in Buenos Aires charges between USD 40 and USD 50, regardless of length of stay, as administrative fees. This amount is charged once only for each contract the client signs through this supplier. Therefore, if the client books the same apartment for two periods, he/she will pay the administration fee for each contract that is signed.

During high season, administration fee will be more expensive. High season is considered to be between December and January.


When you book an apartment, you will receive the booking confirmation via email. Please print a copy of the email to bring with you; it has all the information that you need on arrival.

If you couldn’t provide your estimated time of arrival (ETA) when you booked, please let us know your ETA at least three days prior to your arrival date. This helps to ensure a prompt check in.

Regular check-in time is 1PM and check-out time is 10AM. In the case of there being no other reservations for those dates, both check-in/out times are flexible.

Upon the guest’s arrival an Stay in Buenos Aires representative and the apartment’s owner will welcome you in the rented property, where they will then show you how the facilities are used. At that time, the rent contract and attached account of inventory will be signed, followed by your payment of the remaining rental amount plus the corresponding guarantee deposit. The guest will then be given the keys to the apartment and, with our staff member, make an agreement regarding the time you will be leaving the apartment (check-out).


Stay in Buenos Aires offers check-in and check-out service free of charge from 9AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday. If the client wants to be received at the property at times other than those previously described, he/she should inform us so that we can make the necessary arrangements to receive him/her. This service is charged separately, as follow:
Monday to Friday from 7AM to 9AM, and from 6PM to 10PM ==> USD 20,-
Monday to Friday from 10PM to 7AM ==> USD 30,- (subject to availability; please, ask before)
Saturday, Sunday, and hollidays from 9AM to 6PM ==> USD 20,- and from 6PM to 9AM ==> USD 30,-
Important: This service is charged irrespective of the client’s actual arrival time at the property. That is to say, if Stay in Buenos Aires agent has been waiting for the client at the specially agreed arrival time, even if the client should arrive within the time span when this service is usually free of charge, the client must pay for the already purchased service.


In principle, temporary rentals cannot be extended. Rentals have an initiation as well as a termination date. That for, if the client wants to extend his/her stay at the rented property, he/she must notify Stay in Buenos Aires immediately in order to secure that the property is not booked by another client.

Such extension of the rental will imply drawing a new contract for the new agreed period, and will be subject to availability and to any price variation/s that may have arisen.

Unless othewise is noted, the minimum length of stayis one week (7 days); and the maximum length of stay will be 6 months (pursuant to local applicable law), it being possible to extend such rental for an additional 6 months’ period.

Important: Bookings are made for specified periods. The period of the booking must be respected. For example, if the client arrived at the property at a date later than the one originally booked, he/she will pay the rent as from the originally agreed and booked arrival date. Likewise, if for any reason the client decided to vacate the property before the termination date of the contract, there will be no refunds for any unused days.


You are expected to treat your accommodation and all of its equipment with care. Any specific rules and regulations for the accommodation and its surroundings must be respected at all times.

If any damage is done to the accommodation or its equipment, you must inform the owner/contact immediately, so that repairs can be dealt with as soon as possible.

If the client had any kind of inconvenience, or experienced any kind of malfunctioning in the premises, Stay in Buenos Aires should be notified immediately. The company will do its best to solve the problem.


You are also expected to show consideration and respect towards your neighbours. As no accommodation is completely soundproof –everyone expects a level of noise from neighbours– please be considerate of noise, particularly in the evenings and at night.

The person signing the rental agreement (the client) is expected to ensure that his/her guests will behave in a suitable manner. Should that person or his/her guests not behave in a suitably responsible manner, the owner reserves the right to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation.


The accommodation is cleaned prior to your arrival. On your departure, you are required take out the garbage; the accommodation should be left in a reasonable condition. The owner is entitled to charge additional fees if the accommodation is not left as such.


Neither Stay in Buenos Aires nor the owner of the accommodation shall be made liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur during the stay-period at the accommodation, including (but not exclusive to): injury to person or possession, losses because of fire, theft or criminal behaviour.


The client must book for the number of guests in the booking party. If this number varies during your stay, you must book for the highest number of persons that will occupy the accommodation. E.g. On booking an accommodation for four nights; If on two nights you have four persons and two nights you have three persons, you make the booking for four persons.

Guests are obligated to provide the names and IDs of all persons who will occupy the apartment. Unless otherwise agreed by the owner, only the number of guests indicated by the client in the booking are authorised to use the accommodation. The number of persons who may use the accommodation must not exceed its allocated capacity, except for children under three years old. In the event of any infringement of these obligations, the owner is entitled to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client.


Telephone service

Most of the apartments advertised in this site have one of the following telephone systems:

1) Control Line: telephone service offered for local calls; a limited credit is included. Where apartments offer this service, it is included in the rental price.
For calls to mobile phones, for intercity or international calls, and/or for extension of credit for local calls, the client is to purchase pre-paid telephone cards.

2) Cero Line: telephone system which permits all kinds of calls with pre-paid telephone cards. The same as the previous system, it permits the receipt of all kinds of calls.

In some cases, apartment rentals do not include telephone expenses. This is why the condition of the line will be checked at check-in, to be able to calculate the amount payable at check-out.

In case the apartment do not offer a telephone line, the guest can rent a mobile phone through Stay in Buenos Aires.

Internet Service

On the apartments page, is clearly notified if the property offers internet conection and which type of conection. It is important to know the internet conection is provided by a local internet company and it is not the responsibility of the owner, not of Stay in Buenos Aires, to ensure that this service will work perfectly during your stay. Thus, should the internet company fail to fulfill service for any technical reason, the reparation of the internet access will not be the responsibility of the owner, not of Stay in Buenos Aires.

As well, any special access configuration on your computer is not responsibility of the owner, nor Stay in Buenos Aires.

Maid Service

On the apartments page, is clearly notified if the property offers maid service and how many times per week.

In case the maid service is offered ones a week, it will happend for the first time after 7 days of the check in. This means, if your stay is for a week, the service is not included.

In case the maid service is offered twice a week, it is only for stays longer than a week. If your stay is for one week, the maid service will be only ones.

Unless otherwise is noted, apartments rental do not include Hotel service. If you wish to have aditional maid service, please let us know.


If a client wishes to extend his/her stay at the rented accommodation:

1. First, the client must contact Stay in Buenos Aires for this company to check whether that property is available for the requested additional period.
2. If the property is available, the client will be contacted and requested to go to Stay in Buenos Aires offices to sign the extension of the contract and to pay for the purchased additional stay.


Money paid for rental is NOT refundable. If the client wishes to shorten his/her stay, the money already paid will not be refunded.
If the guest wants to shorten his stay, a payment for the remaining time not spent on the property cannot be refunded as it is considered to be a compensation for the owner on account of contract breach.

For rentals of property for several months, in the event the client decides to make an early termination of the contract, the booking pre-payed will not be refunded for it is taken as compensation for the owner for breach of contract.


At the time of the apartment’s check-out, the guest will returns the property’s keys and will receive his damage deposit back, after checking the corresponding inventory and the apartment’s general state. In the even of damages or losses during the client’s stay, the amount necessary to return the property to its original condition will be debited from the deposit made as a guarantee.

If the client’s departure time should be after the agreed check-out time and there should be no other booking immediately after that agreed check-out time made on the property, the client can stay in the property until the most convenient departure time at no extra charge, in which case, there should be prior express authorisation by Stay in Buenos Aires.

If there was another booking immediately after the client’s agreed departure time, the client must vacate the property at the agreed check-out time. If the client wanted to make sure that he/she can remain in the property after the already established check-out time, he/she will have to book an additional day (subject to availability).


If, at the moment of handing over a property to the client or during the client’s stay, there arose an inconvenience making the client’s stay at the rented property impossible, Stay in Buenos Aires guarantees to take every step to resolve the problem, and the client promises to accept such steps aiming at resolving the problem. If the problem was of such magnitude as to make its resolution impossible in a reasonable period of time, Stay in Buenos Aires will offer the client the following alternatives:

a) Relocate him/her at another property available for the dates of the client’s stay; or for the remaining portion of the contract until contractual departure date
b) Refund already paid booking fees or the amount equal to the contract’s unused portion

In case the client chooses option a), Stay in Buenos Aires will use its best endeavours to find another property of similar standards and cost. Should this not be possible, Stay in Buenos Aires will inform the client of any difference concerning standard and cost of properties available on the date of the client’s stay for the client to freely decide whether to carry out the new booking or to cancel the existing one.

On no account will Stay in Buenos Aires accept claims or relocation requests due to causes outside the booked property, including but not restricted to, for example: noise in the street or in neighbouring works, the condition of the lobbies and other common areas of a building, any repairs the condominium owners’ association may decide to make in common areas, the functioning of the lift, repair to neighbouring units, or any other situation happening outside the booked property.

In the event of acts of God or force majeure, such as cataclysms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, lightning or any other kind of nature-related unforeseeable circumstance, acts of terrorism, riots and disturbances, blackouts, interruption of the gas supply ordered by utility companies, or any other event exceeding the owners’ liability, and making the client’s stay at the rented property uncomfortable or impossible, Stay in Buenos Aires will use its best endeavours to contribute to the satisfactory resolution of such inconvenience; yet in those cases, the company cannot guarantee the client that he/she will not have to incur greater expenses, such as differences in rental charges, extra administrative fees or any other expense arising from the resolution of such inconvenience.


Stay in Buenos Aires provides an online booking service using accommodation owners. In this regard, Stay in Buenos Aires is not responsible for potential delays, accidents, losses, change of schedule or rates, damages (neither for persons nor for objects), in its suppliers services. Stay in Buenos Aires and its employees therein are therefore not responsible for: Errors and omissions; Misrepresentation by third parties; Personal damage or injury while staying in an accommodation booked through Stay in Buenos Aires; Disputes between the client and a third party; Content of external links on its website.

The service of Stay in Buenos Aires is limited to displaying accommodations and communication thereof, regarding making a booking, until booking confirmation is sent by email. The responsibility of Stay in Buenos Aires is limited to the amount paid for the booking service.

Furthermore, Stay in Buenos Aires is not part of the rental agreement; Any complaints must be directed to the owner/contact during the stay.

Our website

All information and resources regarding an accommodation are supplied by the accommodation owner. Although Stay in Buenos Aires does its very best to verify and update the information as seen on the web site www.stayinbuenosaires.com, Stay in Buenos Aires can not be made liable for its content. Stay in Buenos Aires reserves the right to update information published on the site at any time including (but not exclusive to): rates, descriptions and photographs. Stay in Buenos Aires does not guarantee condition or suitability of any product or service as advertised on its website.

Stay in Buenos Aires reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time as required. It is the responsibility of parties using the Stay in Buenos Aires service, to review these terms and conditions in case of change. By agreeing to use the Stay in Buenos Aires service, it is inferred that any changes are accepted by all parties and that all parties comply with these changes.
These terms and conditions do not affect your consumer statutory rights.

Uploaded images

Stay in Buenos Aires does not upload properties to its system unless such properties have been visited and photographed by company’s agents.
Stay in Buenos Aires has a regular updates system which updates published photographs. Property owners are requested to inform the company of any change made to the property in order to obtain updated photographs, videos and plans. With this procedure we aim to guarantee our clients our traditional quality and service standards.

However, Stay in Buenos Aires is not to be held liable for any changes in the decoration or presentation of the properties that the owners should want to carry out. For that reason, all photographs contained in our site are published in order for the prospective client to have an idea as accurate as possible of the offered property. The photographs do not necessarily represent the decoration of the property with absolute accuracy.


In the event of any litigation concerning an accommodation booking with Stay in Buenos Aires, the Courts in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires have sole jurisdiction on such matters. Argentine law prevalent at the time will be applied.